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A little compendium of frequently asked questions by our fellow shamans, happily answered by @Peter – StingArt , @Shamiboy , @Wepwewet and others to their best knowledge. Input is always welcome!


What race should i pick for PvE /PvP?

PvE: The only Racial that sees use is as Elemental is Berserking and this only helps with Lightning Bolt because Chain Lightning’s cast will be lower than the GCD so you’re still waiting 1.5 seconds before you can cast again. While minimally, Trolls have the best Elemental PvE racial.

PvP: Orcs and Tauren are by far the best. Either by resisting stuns yourself or stunning your opponents. The extra 5% HP from Taurens are nice as well. Blood Fury sees no use in PvP because the debuff is too severe and while you melee buffing melee attacks minimally isn’t exactly great.

It’s a toss up between what Racials you prefer. Both see situational use.

Can you level as Elemental Shaman?

Yes, it will not be as smooth as Enhancement but it can totally be done. Mana and bad itemization for Elemental Shamans might be the biggest issues you are running into.

Is Elemental viable in Raids?

Nah, sorry, not that much. Most of the trash in MC is immune against nature damage, synergys with other classes are generally poor, there’s nothing you can contribute that a Resto or Enhancement Shaman could not – and mana wise you will be OoM very fast!

Is Elemental viable in PvP?

In terms of group PvP and WPvP Elemental is by far the superior spec. Only Enhancement is superior for dueling. Where the healers Priests, Paladins, Druids and Resto Shamans can be considered defensive healers, an Elemental Shaman is an offensive healer. A true hybrid on the battlefield.

The strength of Elemental comes from their incredible high burst power with Lightning spells and Shocks while being able to Purge away nearly all buffs. As you hinder enemies with shocks and purge away all their debuffs while healing your allies all from range enemies will be forced to close the gap. In regards to healing an Elemental Shaman heals with only 10% less healing effectiveness compared to a Resto Shaman. This is because Elemental Shamans lack the talent Purification.

What gear and stats should i aim for?

Leveling: Intellect, Spell Dmg and Spell Crit.
PvE: You will want to gear Spell Hit, Spell Penetration, Spell Crit, Spell Damage and Intellect.
PvP: No matter what by far the most important stat you can get for yourself is to max out your spell hit, which in PvP is only 3% and you could get it from talents alone. After that you should go for Stamina, Spell Damage, Intellect and Spell Crit. A big part of a Shaman’s defense is Stamina so don’t be afraid to reduce your other stats in order to gain more Stamina. This is because Shamans are very vulnerable to CCs and once you’re in one you will usually get hit and hit hard


What race should i pick for PvE /PvP?

PvE: There is only one choice if you plan to play a PvE-focussed Enhancement Shaman: Orc. Axe Specialization and Nightfall synergizes very good and Blood Fury is a nice boost to melee damage.
PvP:You do have the choice between Tauren and Orcs – whereas most people would tend to Orc because of Hardiness (aka 25% Stun resist). Tauren on the other hand is also very viable due to the 5% Stamina bonus and the Tauren stomp that can really turn a fight.

Can you level as Enhancement Shaman?

Enhancement is the best choice to level, though it is adviced to do it with shield and dagger (enchanted with Flametongue). There is a little guide pinned in the Enhancement section for this route – yet personal tastes really differ. It is not suggested to go for Stormstrike and 2Handers asap – but once in your 50s it is a good practice to havbe both, a big slow 2hander and the fastest dagger you can obtain + shield with you at all times and swap accordingly.

Is Enhancement viable in Raids?

Almost every (sane) raidleader will think about having one (1) Nightfall equipped Enhancement Shaman in his raid. Expect your DPS to be really subpar, but you are able to Totem Twist (see in the General section below), you can pick Enhanced Totems (Restos can’t) and buff your rogues and dps warriors quite a lot.
Nevertheless: You are in no ways “needed” as an Enhancement Shaman and it might be hard to find a raidspot if you are planning a career somehwere in the top-tier-raiding-guilds.

Is Enhancement viable in PvP?

If played correctly Enhancement Shamans are VERY dangerous opponents in 1v1 situations. Always keep in mind that you are a hybrid class, though. You bring a lot of utility to the battlefield but it is very dangerous to rely on your luck to proc Windfury Weapon (which is the iconic spell all those vanilla Enhancement Shaman videos are about).
It is A LOT of fun if you 2-Shot clothies, but more often than not you will find yourself at the ghost healer if tunnel vision wins over safe play, good totem management and occasional self / group heal.

What gear and stats should i aim for?

Leveling: Str/AP, Crit, Int, Stam if going the 2H route , If using a 1H with flametounge some spelldamage might be favorable
PvE: Crit>AP/Str>Int
PvP(Windfury Nuke): AP/Str>Crit>Stam>Int
PvP (balance elemental-like hybrid): AP/Str/Spell dmg>Stam>Int> Crit(19-21%)/Sp crit

What is this fuzz about “Nightfall”?

Nightfall is a 2H crafted axe that requires an axesmith who is exalted with the thorium brotherhood. The axe has a chance on hit proc to raise all spell damage taken by the target by 15%! If you’re enhance, get this axe.

Do we know if Windfury will work correctly on Nostalrius Core?

On nostalrius the extra AP was applied after the two extra swings rather than before, thus the extra AP from Windfury wasn’t applied to the extra swings. Nano has said that the elemental weapons/Improved weapon totems talents will now properly apply the extra AP. While this is good news it does not directly answer if the old bug has been fixed.

Can Enhancement Shamans tank dungeons?

Yes, they can. Granted you have a suitable, patient and coordinated group. Threat and Mitigation are okay-ish but you will not survive big pulls without some CC. Also holding aggro on more than two mobs is quite difficult.
It is higly suggested to bring a mage if you plan to tank, Frost Nova / Sheep and unlimited water is golden, both for your healer and yourself. Nature immune mobs are very hard to tank (because Earth Shock is our main aggro builder). And for the sake of surviving you will propably not place totems that benefit other melees in your group – if you do have a warrior it is almost every time the better choice to let him tank. Rogues might overextend aggro quite a lot with Windfury Totem.


What race should i pick for PvE /PvP?

PvE: Generally speaking guilds do not select Resto Shamans on their race. The only racial that has any merit in Raids as a Resto Shaman is Berserking from Trolls, but only because the other racials see practically no use. Berserking isn’t great either as a Resto Shaman because it doesn’t work with instant casts such as totems and it doesn’t heal faster with Lesser Healing Wave because you’re still tied to the cooldown. The duration of Berserking is short as well for the long CD it has. But to be fair, while it sees little use there is use and that’s better than the racials both Orcs and Tauren provide.
Pick whatever race you like but if you really want that minimal margin that I kid you not guilds won’t look for in a Shaman then you can pick Troll.

PvP: Orc Hardiness is considered the best racial for PvP as Shaman are very vulnerable to stuns. Tauren Stomp is also a great racial on a relatively short CD and can be used in many different situations (Pre-Ghost Wolf, getting off another interupt or a heal while being poked) – the 5% added Stamina also help. Troll racials are not very great for pvp due to the long CD and limited use of Berserking.

Can you level as Restoration Shaman?

Leveling as a Resto Shaman is not adviced. Although it is not needed either. A Shaman can heal level apprioriate dungeons while leveling in any spec provided he has the gear for it.
If you happen to have a set group of people it can be a fun and smooth experience, though. You will find a possible route for early Natures Swiftness pinned in the Restoration channel.

Is Resto viable in Raids?

Resto Shaman is a central part of raids. The minimum amount that raids take is usually 4, although it is not uncommon to see 5 or 6 either. This is because Shamans bring extremely helpful utility to the raids in the form of totems but the downside is that they are limited to a group.

Is Resto viable in PvP?

Resto Shaman has it’s place in PvP both as a 1v1 spec and in grouped PvP. Playing a Resto Shaman in PvP can be quite difficult because they are vulnerable to CC as they lack the ability to dispell magic. But the ability to provide healing and purge enemies is invaluable for the Horde as they usually lack healers.
That said, an Elemental Shaman can bring group healing just as well as the only talent you will lack for raw output is Purification that increases healing effects by 10%. If you want to be an offensive healer consider a hybrid Ele/Resto build that includes Nature’s Swiftness.

What gear and stats should i aim for in PvE/PvP?

Resto Shamans have little natural ability to recover mana during fights. Outside of Mana Spring Totem which helps but is a little lacking and Mana Tide Totem Shamans have to rely on their gear, buffs and consumables to keep themselves useful. To make sure Shamans don’t go OoM they generally gear in two ways: Either by focusing on mass amounts of mp5 or intellect while keeping +healing as high as possible.

Spirit has next to no value while raid healing for Resto Shamans, so don’t be afraid to sacrifice large amounts of Spirit for either +healing, intellect or mp5.

In PvP a Shaman’s main defense come in the form of Stamina. While there are tools to keep melee from closing in and casters to freely nuke a Shaman and his allies, a Shaman lacks hard CC such as stuns and fears so it’s inevitable that Shamans recieve big chunks of damage before they or their allies can take out the enemy. Because of this it’s adviced that above any other stat Stamina is prioritized.

Other important stats are:
– 3% spell hit to max out PvP spell hit, this can be talented so no gear is required.
– Spell damage and spell healing in the case of being a PvP healer.
– Intellect.
– Spell crit.

Strength, agility and spirit see little use in PvP as a Resto Shaman.


What about shaman-specific addons?

ArchiTotem is a great addon to clean up your Bars a little bit. It also helps keeping track of the duration of totems (sadly this is only working if you click on the button or use keybindings for each element). ArchiTotem remembers the last totem you have cast for each element, the selection can be changed via a drop down menu. Some seperate keybindings (Grounding, Tremor, Earthbind for PvP) are still recommended!

Decursive is considered a must have for all classes that are able to disspell.

Shammybuff is a tracker and reminder for your Lightning Shield charges and weapon buffs. 5 minutes can pass really fast!

What is “Totem Twisting”

Totem Twisting is a technique to gain the benefit of Windfury Totem AND Grace of Air Totem. Basically you drop the Windfury Totem and wait until it pulses (and buffs your group for 9 secs). While this buff lasts you can place Grace of Air so your group benefits from both buffs within that time window. Once the WF-buff wears off the shaman reapplies Windfury – rinse and repeat. Totem Twisting could also be beneficial for your raidgroup if you weave in Tranquil Mind (reducing your groups aggro) or place Grounding Totems in between the 9 seconds of windfury.
It takes some practice, it will lower your DPS as enhancement shaman considerably but if mana is not that much of an issue and you do have the time a resto shaman can easily apply this technique in a raid. It all depends on your group constallation if it is worth the hazzle. Your fellow rogues will definetely love you for practising and perfecting Totem Twisting.

What is the Five-Second-Rule?

If you do not cast a spell for 5 seconds you take benefit of your SPIRIT-BASED mana regeneration while in combat. Despite the fact that spirit is not very favourable to shamans a common technique would be to let your tank drop as low as possible to regenerate mana and bring him to full life with a single high ranked healing spell.
What is “downranking”?

Mostly (but not only) applying to healing classes you will want to play with different spell ranks. There are two reasons why you want more than the highest spell rank in your action bars: All spell-triggered procs and effects also trigger on Rank 1 spells. If you need to interrupt a cast you can also do it with a rank 1 earth shock, if you need to prevent a rogue from stealthing you can also apply a dot with a rank 1 flame shock. If you want to trigger Healing Way or Ancestral Healing – you can also do it with a lower ranked spell for almost no mana.
Also some lower ranked spells do have more effectivenes per mana than higher ranks – this is based on your stats, spell- and healingpower. An addon like Theorycrafting might help you to determine which spell rank is the most bang for buck.



A leveling spec route focussed on restoration / dungeons early on (this is not tested, please discuss). This should work okay for players who are leveling in a group and/or spamming dungeons – after skilling into some basic damage abilities to make the occasional solo quest a little bit more comfy it switches to a more heal oriented playstyle up to natures swiftness. solo combat is almost identical to my suggestion for the enhancement based spec, talent choices up to level 20 are almost the same.

Level 1-9 -> You just use two of the three spells you will learn in the starter area. Lightning Bolt, Autoattack with Rockbiter Buff. Earth Shock drains your mana too fast, ignore it for now. At Level 5 you will get the Earth Totem quest, do it as soon as possible.

Level 10-17 -> Upon hitting Level 10 you can do your Fire Totem quest, also do that as soon as possible. Along the road to 17 pick up Convection (5/5) and Call of Flame (3/3). Mana remains one of our biggest issues for smooth leveling, so we have to rely on autoattack mainly for a while. Learn daggers at Ogrimmar, get yourself a shield and a fast dagger. The weapon enchant of choice for now on is Flametongue Weapon.
The most mana efficient spells you have at this point are Lightning Shield and Searing Totem. A rotation could look like this: (Re-)buff Lightning Shield – Pull with Lightning Bolt – Drop Searing Totem – Cast another Lightning Bolt – Autoattack the mob down. Shocks will only be used on Rank 1: Earthshock if the enemy mob is casting, Frostshock / Earthbind Totem if the enemy mob is fleeing. If you happen to overextend you can also drop Stoneclaw Totem (trust me, it will be a good friend on your journey to 60).
Level 18-20 -> We want to optimize our mana usage a little bit while questing, so we are next aiming for Concussion (2/5) to get to the next tier and Elemental Focus (1/1). By this time you should have learned some higher ranked shocks that do good damage but are way too expensive mana wise. You will now want to weave in a Rank 1 Flame Shock at the beginning and hope to procc the Clearcasting Buff which will then lead to a free max-ranked Earthshock. It will propably not proc too often at this early stages but always have an eye for it, you are going to use this technique for your entire shaman life if speccing into Elemental Focus.

Level 21-30-> We are now speccing into resto tree, yay – that is after absolving our Water Totem quest which i don’t want to be reminded of. Note that it is absolutely not mandatory to spec into healing that early – but there are some talents that surely help a lot in group play and also synergize with the totem-focussed autoattack style of leeching mobs down slowly while maintaining your mana: Tidal Focus (5/5)and Totemic Focus (5/5). With the reduced mana cost it is absolutely viable to drop Healing Totem almost every pull – and with some smart downranking you should be able to top off your dps without having to drink too often. If you are playing with warriors you might consider keeping up Strength of Earth Totem – now that it is a little bit cheaper it can considerably speed things up.
Level 31-35 -> Air totem time with Level 30, your fellow melee players will not want to quest or run dungeons without you anymore. That brings up a decision: if you are rather dungeon focussed i would suggest picking up Healing Grace (3/3) and Healing Focus (2/5). Healing threat can be a big issue in Vanilla – at some point you will want to spec into that. If you are rather questing your way along and occasionaly take a bite from a mob (or start enganging into pvp) i would put the 5 points in Healing Focus.

Level 36-41 -> Tidal Mastery (5/5) if you plan on propably doing some damage some time, Restorative Totems (5/5) if you stay on the healing route. Whatever your choice is: with 41 you will want to pick up Natures Swiftness (1/1) which – for me – is one of the more iconic spells for shamans. It’s the perfect Oh-Shit-Button, whether it be an instant Ghost Wolf or instant Healing Wave – but it’s also a superb finisher with for example Chain Lightning.
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Level 42+ Now it’s entirely up to you, with some gear you can easily heal most dungeons up to 60 with those basic points in restoration, to speed up things and for synergy i would spec into Ele now, still having a focus on your totems. Call Of Thunder 5/5 and Concussion 5/5 comes to mind, Eye of the Storm 3/3 is an excellent talent for soloing or doing PvP. Elemental Fury is a very good passive that really makes your Lightning Bolts dangerous while also buffing your fire totems, Storms reach is also considererd a great talent.

If you feel that your leveling process is not hindered by the lack of damage you could of course also dig deeper into the resto tree: Healing Way (3/3) is a cool talent (spamming fast Rank 1 Healing Waves for it to proc), also Ancestral Healing (3/3) which we neglected before becomes really strong later in the game when tanks have more armor overall. Points in Purification are also well spent (i would not aim vor Mana Tide before Lvl 60 though).


Here comes a little (personal taste) leveling guide, written in poor english and also poorly formatted. I will try to make it a little bit better to read and of course like to hear your opinion about it :smiley:
Note that upon reaching Lvl 60 you will most definetely want to swap some talents or try different builds, based on your focus (pve/pvp) – consider this a solo leveling build.

Level 1-10 → pretty much just Lightning Bolt and Autoattack with Rockbiter. Earth Shock is too mana consuming. Be sure to pick the Earth Totem quest with Level 5 and LB R2, Rockbiter R2 and Lightning Shield at Level 8.

Level 10-14 → Pick Convection (5/5) in Elemental Tree. Mana is by far our greatest issue at the moment – and the 5% in Enhancement Tree really is not that great. Be sure to do your Fire Totem quest with level 10 though! “Rotation” could look like this: before pulling cast Lightning Shield, pull with Lightning Bolt, drop Searing Totem, propably you can weave in another Lightning Bolt, Autoattack the mob down. By level 10 you will get access to Flametongue Weapon buff and can also learn to handle daggers @ Ogrimmar. By this point you should aim for the fastest dagger you can obtain and a shield. The melee mitigation helps a lot in the process.

Level 14-17-> Pick Call Of Flame 3/3. Searing Totem is one of the most mana efficient dmg sources you have at the moment. Rotation as above. Pull with LB, drop Searing Totem, another LB, autoattack with FT Weapon and shield. Shocks can be used occasionally, though i only use rank 1 shocks: Earth Shock to interrupt spellcasting, Frost Shock / Earthbind Totem to prevent mobs from fleeing.
Noticeable skills to learn: LB R3 @ 14, Lightning Shield R2 @ 16, Flametongue R2 / Stoneclaw R2 / Healing Wave 4 @ Level 18.(bearbeitet)
Level 17-27-> I take Shield Spec (5/5), then Ghostwolf (2/2), after that Lightning Shield (3/3). With level 20 you’ll have one of the silliest, time consuming travel-class-quest imaginable, it’s for our beloved Water Totem. Yeah, just do it. Around this time you should feel that it gets a little bit better mana wise and if you were lucky you could also obtain some items to help you out. I am aiming for leather with well rounded stats (as we need all of them, besides of spirit – and AGI not too much). Do not neglect your +INT, you will want to have a good mana pool as a shaman, regardless of the spec you are aiming for. You can still easily heal instances (and if no one else is rolling it is totally fine to wear/obtain cloth in dungeons)

Level 28-37-> You can now aim for elemental focus (Concussion (2/5) + Elemental Focus (1/1)) – though i felt like it was not proccing very often with your low spell crit you presumably still have. Propably you want to go the enhancement route first: Thundering Strikes (5/5). Your main damage source is still autoattack, followed by flametongue, followed by lightning shield and Searing Totem. I would not spec for 2handed weapons at the moment because it really starts to shine as late as Stormstrike. So you might want to put another 5 points in Flurry (Flurry 5/5), speeding up your autoattacks and flametongue applications considerably. That brings you to level 37.

Level 37-40-> Following the enhancement route we now have access to Elemental Weapons (3/3), which buffs Flametongue. If you happen to have enough crit you should see a very good Flurry uptime and the damage from Flametongue really begins to kick in. Flametongue cuts like butter through high armor mobs such as alliance warriors or turtles.(bearbeitet)
Level 40-47-> We could now try buffing our shock dmg a bit further and spec into Concussion (2/5), Elemental Focus (1/1), Reverberation (4/5) en route to Elemental Devastation. You will now want to weave in rank 1 shocks to eventually proc the clearcasting buff from Elemental Focus. Start out with Flameshock, rotate with Earthshock and while your cooldown refreshes you can decide to re-apply Flameshock or finish the mob off with another Earth Shock. You can try to manage weaving shocks in between your autoattack swings. If Elemental Focus procs you replace the Rank 1 Shocks with the maximum Rank you have, preferably with Earth Shock (unless the debuff of a Full-Rank-Flame Shock will not wear off until the mob dies).

Level 48-50-> Elemental Devastation (3/3). Yeah! Now you get the picture: we’re aiming for proccs that proc proccs and so forth. This could be the time you might want to try out a slower 1 hand with Windfury or spec into 2-handers. Leveling should be really smooth around this time.

Level 51-58-> One route to consider would be Two-Handers (1/1), Parry (1/1), Weapon Mastery (5/5) and finally Stormstrike (1/1). I advise to always have your dagger and shield with you and create a weapon swap macro – just in case things get beefy or you run into a rogue/warrior…

Level 59-60-> Two more points to spend. Being rather pvp focussed i would put them into Eye of the Storm (2/3), whereas the reduced CD of Grounding Totem with Guardian Totems (2/2) is also concidered mandatory by some.(bearbeitet)

General Advice:

just some general advice for totems: you will ALWAYS want to drop searing totem. if you overextended you might consider Stoneclaw totem. Strength of earth is not adviced at early levels. i usually drop healing totem in densely packed areas – the heal per mana is quite okayish. rank 1 gives you 6HP every 2 Seconds for 1 minute at the cost of 40 mana. Healing Wave Rank 2 costs 45 mana and heals for 68-78HP. – so after 20 seconds of staying in range of Healing Stream it starts to be better than a low rank healing spell . and the 5 sec rule does not apply to that heal (so you start regenerating mana while autoattacking and getting the heal pulses from healing stream). it’s only a tiny bit – but all those bits add up in making levelling smoother and with fewer downtimes. if you see yourself running out of range within those 20 secs better not place Healing stream…. Mana Spring costs 40 mana and regenerates 4 mana per 2 seconds. you would have to stay in range even longer for Mana Spring to be a good option. TLDR: Drop searing. Fight for longer than 20 secs in a 20 yard range? drop Healing Stream. Earth and Air totems are normally not in your grinding routine (that is in low levels, strength of earth could be viable at some point)