Priest – FAQ from Class Discord



PvE: mediocre, PvP: mediocre
The Human Spirit – 5% bonus to spirit.
Bonus mana regen and healing. May be preferred over Fear Ward in latter PvE content, albeit even some AQ mechanics involve Fear.
Perception – Increased stealth detection for 20 sec every 3 min.
Helpful against rogues, albeit Stoneform’s more reactive nature may find more uses.
Diplomacy – 10% bonus to all reputation gains.
Convenient, but absolutely useless in combat.
Desperate Prayer – Instant heal with no mana cost and 10 min CD. 1384 to 1622, 42.9% coefficient. Cannot be cast in Shadowform.
Desperate Prayer is a nice (save me) button for both PvE and PvP, but it’s not exclusive to humans as it also comes on dorfs.
Feedback – Deals shadow damage and drains mana upon being hit by a direct spell. 33.3% coefficient on R3 (probably 42.9% on R5). R4 and R5 inaccessible on MangOS. Permanently lost on MangOS if you take the lvl 20 quest in Ironforge instead of Stormwind. Only procs on direct damage spells on MangOS.
R5 deals 362 shadow and mana damage at 600 spell power. If properly scripted and proccing at every spell cast against you, it becomes a very solid anti-caster spell (unless dispelled by another priest or shaman). Otherwise, it is only viable against mages. No use in PvE


PvE: good, PvP: good
Stoneform – Removes and grants immunity to Bleed, Poison and Disease effects, also increases armor by 10%. 8 sec duration, 3 min CD.
Helps a lot against rogues. Useful in AQ and on Chromaggus.
Frost Resistance – 10 frost resistance
Minor advantage in final encounters of Naxxramas.
Desperate Prayer – Instant heal with no mana cost and 10 min CD. 1384 to 1622, 42.9% coefficient. Cannot be cast in Shadowform.
Desperate Prayer is a nice (save me) button for both PvE and PvP. It also comes on humans, but overall Dorfs make a better package apart from certain circumstances.
Fear Ward – Target is immune to next fear effect. Lasts 10 min, 30 sec CD, can only be applied on one target at once.
Sick for PvE and PvP alike. Having this spell will almost guarantee you a raid slot.


PvE: bad, PvP: mediocre
Shadowmeld – Stealth knockoff, but moving dispels it.
May save you from a random pat if you are too careless. Mildly useful for avoiding PvP action.
Wisp Spirit – 50% more speed in Ghost form.
Quality of life racial. If your guild is bad, you will appreciate it.
Nature Resistance – 10 nature resistance
Minor advantage in AQ.
Starshards – Channeled 6 second damage spell. 30 sec CD.
Pretty much a non-shadow version of Mind Flay with a limiting cooldown.
Elune’s Grace – Reduces ranged damage taken and increases dodge chance by 10% for 15 sec.
Mildly useful against melees. Still, Dwarves have Stoneform and Fear Ward against rogues and warriors respectively.

If you are going alliance, dwarves are your best bet for both PvE and PvE. Humans come somewhat close, but are much more situational and lack Fear Ward, so you may have to sit out for the dragon fights. Night elves are absolute garbage and should be avoided unless you wish to fulfill your sexual fantasies or have a clique of friends that will accept you as you are.


PvE: mediocre, PvP: very good
Will of the Forsaken – Removes and grants immunity to Fear, Charm and Sleep for 5 sec. 2 min CD.
Pretty much a bonus PvP trinket. One of best racials around. Also useful for dragon encounters.
Cannibalize – 10 sec channeled spell over humanoid or undead corpse. Restores 35% health.
Limited in usefulness, but sometimes provides a quick way to heal up quickly.
Touch of Weakness – Deals minor shadow damage and decreases physical damage done.
Somewhat underwhelming, albeit may proc Blackout. Trolls’ Shadowguard is an upgraded version of this ability.
Devouring Plague – Deals shadow damage over 24 sec and restores health equal to damage done. 3 min CD.
On par with SWP and stacks with it. Costs a ton of mana, so using it together with Inner Focus is advised, especially as both have the same cooldown of 3 min.(bearbeitet)


PvE: mediocre, PvP: mediocre
Berserking – 10% casting speed bonus, increases up to 25% the more wounded you are.
Its efficiency is diminished by the fact that you will usually heal yourself with top priority just after tank, but still can come handy.
Beast Slaying – 5% more damage against beasts.
RIP Magmadar.
Hex of Weakness – Minor melee damage dealt and 20% healing taken reduction. Lasts 2 minutes.
Classified as a curse, so can only be removed by a druid or a mage. May be worth chain casting against groups healed by paladins or priests.
Shadowguard – Deals shadow damage when hit. 3 charges.
Wannabe lightning shield that can proc Blackout (27.1% chance for all 3 charges).(bearbeitet)

Horde is not as cookie cutter as Alliance, even with a lesser range of choice. Both Undead and Trolls lack any spectacular racials that would make them shine in PvE. For PvP, Devouring Plague gives much needed single target burst while restoring your own health and Will of the Forsaken is possibly the greatest asset you could have. Trolls sorely miss it, but make this shortcoming up to some extent with 3 charge Shadowguard and Hex of Weakness. Nonetheless, Undead are the state-of-the-art PvP shadow priests


Q: How are Priests unique? A: We are the only class that gets unique abilities based on race. We are perhaps the best healers and certainly the most versatile. We are universally needed and loved by teammates – casters, tanks and melees alike. Mind Control is fun, just as being the edgy purple spooker.
Q: I want to play Alliance. Which race should I pick? A: Dwarves. While their ERP factor is low, Fear Ward is an absolute game changer in PvP and a useful asset in PvE [for newbs: provides immunity to next fear effect, single-target, 30 sec CD]. Humans and Night Elves, much inferior, receive a slight bonus to spirit and nice mid-air flips while jumping, respectively. Humans also get a sizeable bonus to all reputation gains, while NE’s can abuse Shadowmeld for amusing Mind Control action in BG’s and play with Starshards — being an arcane school spell, it finds a novel use as interrupt fodder against shamans, warriors and rogues.
Q: I want to play Horde. Which race should I pick? A: Compared to Alliance’s 3 Priest races, Horde only gets 2. Forsaken are the usual pick because WotF is outright OP [for newbs: breaks Fear, Sleep or Charm and provides 5 sec immunity to those effects, 2 min CD.] On top of that they get access to an additional DoT on 3 min CD – it’s very mana-expensive, but can be Inner Focused. Trolls get a multi-target 20% healing reduction curse and a Shadow shield akin to Shamans’ Lightning Shield, which can proc Blackout stun. Berserking, a 10 sec 10% to 25% bonus to casting speed (depending on how injuried you are), is undoubtedly useful as well. Troll racials are definitely more niche, but arguably on par with the Forsaken. TL;DR Just go Dwarf or Undead unless you perfectly know what you are doing and/or want to RP.
Q: Which spec should I play? A: PvE healing is usually the answer. Priest is particularly viable in that role and you will always find a spot. The same goes for PvP healing, where Priest is particularly sought after for dispels, strong heals and other utility. PI spec is the go-to build, experiment at your own peril. PvE shadow is semi-viable and many raid comps will include a single Shadow Priest for Shadow Weaving. However, be prepared to farm Demonic Runes and mana potions like there is no tomorrow. PvP shadow is not often taken for premades or organized PvP, but it is a very fun spec for world PvP early in the patch progression – albeit it scales horribly and by AQ is matched by most classes.
Q: Is Truefaith worth it? A: It’s a meaningful upgrade over Robes of the Exalted. Even more meaningful if you hate teal. It’s not mandatory in a more casual setting, but you should get one if you are up to some serious tryharding. After you get it, you can drop Tailoring for a better profession. Overall, Truefaith is quite easy to craft and doesn’t require a huge investment of time or luck with gear, so you can’t go wrong with it.
Q: What have we hitherto found in beta? 1. Melee weaving doesn’t work. 2. mp2 formula after lvl 20 appears to be an exact fit to pserver data. Before lvl 20, some sort of penalty (interpolated to be 0.4 mp2 per level) is imposed. 3. Dun Morogh to Wetlands shortcut works. 4. The wands have 1.12 damage values. They stack with +% shadow damage effects (Weaving and Shadowform). 5. Inner Fire is applied prior to Shield, meaning the Shield will last longer. 6. You don’t need to face the enemy while casting as long as the hitboxes overlap.
COEFFICIENTS /pserver values/ Prayer of Healing – 28.6% Shadow Word: Pain – 16.67% per tick, total 100% to 133.3% (talented) Mind Flay – 45% Mind Blast – 42.85% Mana Burn – 0% Smite – 71.42% Holy Fire Direct: 75% /59.99%/ Holy Fire DoT: 25% – 5% per tick (5) /5.33% per tick/ Holy Nova – 10.7% /7.14%/ Power Word: Shield – 0% /10%/ Desperate Prayer – 42.85% Lesser Heal – 71.42% Heal – 85.71% Flash Heal – 42.85% Greater Heal – 85.71% Devouring Plague – 50% – 6.25% per tick (8) Renew – 100% – 20% per tick (5) Starshards – 100% – 16.66% per tick (6) Touch of Weakness – 10.7% /42.85%/ Shadowguard – 80.1% – 26.7% per charge (3) /33.3% per charge/
Q: Is Priest a good leveling class? A: Priest is a middle of the pack leveler, yet fairly easy and forgiving compared to other classes. Good healing, shield and buffs allow not only to ameliorate mistakes, but also make Priest a coveted healer for 5 mans.
Q: Are there any special routes I should follow or avoid? A: You don’t really need a special route or anything similar, but it might be worth picking up certain questlines that reward wands. If you intend to run dungeons, you should keep track of quests allowing entry or dungeon quest prerequisites.
Q: What should I know about wands? Oftentimes they will be your primary source of damage. Wands doesn’t suffer from pushback and costs no mana – at times they even push more DPS than any of your spells. No matter if you are playing solo or duo, you should plan out your route so that you can get all the wands you need, which include: ►Lesser Magic Wand and Greater Magic Wand – albeit they are tricky to get at launch ►vendor wands, especially the lvl 16 one – recommended if GMW is not accessible, higher level wands may be useful if you don’t come across any suitable green wand ►Gravestone Scepter – quest reward in BFD, can be obtained early compared to ilvl making it deal tremendous damage for the level Vendor wands can be purchased in Stormwind, Ironforge, Orgrimmar and Undercity. Refer to an example vendor to check out the pricing: Shadow damage wands appear to scale with Shadowform and Shadow Weaving, so the bonus should be taken into consideration when choosing the optimal wand. Quivers do not affect the wands.
Q: Is LMW and GMW worth it? What’s the best way to obtain it? A: The answer is simply – they are worth it if you don’t have to go out of your way. LMW can be crafted if you roll enchanting and disenchant a minimum of 4 greens (requires 2 lesser magic essences and 5 strange dusts). GMW is much more of a hassle and unless you can grab one from the AH, the only viable strategy is pooling all greens and linen to a single player who will create wands for everyone concerned. ―――――――――― Q: Are level 5 robe quests interchangeable between races? A: No. Current research shows you can only do the robe quest in your starting area. ―――――――――― Q: Can you do your level 10 and 20 racial quests in other capital city than your own? A: No. You will be given a breadcrumb quest leading to your main trainer in all cities, however. According to sources, Desperate Player can only be turned in Stormwind.
Q: Is Priest a good class for duo leveling? A: Priest is one of the best, if not the best class to duo with. Your best choice of a partner will be Warrior as the two classes synergize particularly well, but also it sets yourself up for a nice healer+tank combination making finding groups for dungeons trivial. Keep in mind that the duoing is mediocre at best if your partner does not understand how Spirit Tap works – he needs to let you last hit atleast half the mobs and not expend his rage on useless Executes. In a typical warrior/priest duo, you will be doing 35-45% of the damage while ensuring that your partner does not need to look at his health at all. Classes that generally would be slowed down in a duo include Hunters, Druids, Paladins, Shamans, Mages and other Priests. Main classes you synergize well with are Warlocks and Warriors.
Q: Are dungeons even worth doing? A: In order to optimize the gains, you need to reduce travel times (e.g. by questing in the area), obtain all the viable quests for the dungeon, set up the party quickly (extremely simple in a Warrior/Priest duo) and ensure that the group does not suck completely since wiping in low level content is rather depressing. If these conditions are met, dungeon runs can give somewhat more exp than solo/duo leveling while simulatenously providing with useful gear. Dungeons of special interest include BFD and BRD. BFD rewards an extremely strong wand for leveling. A lot of BiS items can be found in BRD, so it may be a good idea to respec Holy mid-50’s and quest run it along with other dungeons. According to beta reports, spamming dungeons in an experienced group may produce relatively high XP/hour.
Q: Which stats should I prioritize while leveling? Spirit is the top priority – it increases potency of Spirit Tap and Meditation, making mana returns larger. Stamina increases survivability and may be useful on a PvP-heavy server. You shouldn’t ever risk dying while leveling, but high stamina can dampen the blow if you screw up. Intellect isn’t very useful. While it increases mana cap, it does nothing to increase its regen. However, some intellect may be useful to optimize Spirit Tap usage or total healing output in dungeons. Spell power scales decently for Holy spells, but Shadow spells barely benefit at all. It’s a nice bonus stat on an item, but “Shadow Wrath” gear shouldn’t really be pursued. Extremely rare crit or hit bonuses are only useful for Holy too – the former doesn’t influence SWP and MF and the latter is obsolete since Shadow hit can be talented. mp5 isn’t found very often, but it’s a useful stat, if coming in quantities too miniscule to actually be useful. 1 mp5 is equal to 10.7 spirit while casting and Meditation-talented, 3.2 spirit while Spirit Tapping and casting or 1.6 when Spirit Tapping and not casting. Agility appears not to work on wands. Skip it.
Q: Which abilities should I train? S tier: nothing is especially noteworthy to be included here A tier:damage abilities – choose the ones you use in your rotation: Smite, Holy Fire, Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Pain; can fall behind a bit if wanding extensively ►Flash Heal – high casting speed and good HPS make it a reliable aid when things go south ►Power Word: Shield – pushback interrupt ►Dispel Magic and Cure Disease – there’s a number of annoying debuffs along the way, can come very handy ►Psychic Scream R1, R2 – one of the very few CC abilities in your arsenal B tier:Lesser Heal, Heal, Greater Heal – useful for healing dungeons, but in the end it is mana that caps you, so they can fall a rank or two behind ►Resurrection R1 – must have for team play, virtually useless solo ►Power Word: Fortitude – early rank offer a huge upgrade, but relative benefit quickly diminishes as the ranks progress ►Inner Fire – a solid chunk of armor, you take less physical damage and shields last longer ►Psychic Scream R3, R4 – affecting a 4th and a 5th enemy isn’t bad at all, but is not a high priority ►Renew – quite a weak heal until higher levels, but being instant it saves a lot of time
C tier:Mind Vision, Mana Burn, Levitate, Resurrection (past R1) – all of them are a nice utility to have, but due to their prohibitive cost can be skipped with no qualms ►Mind Soothe – can be rarely useful to skip tough packs, but in general you may want to kill all enemies you encounter on your way to the quest ►Shackle Undead R1 – moderately useful for sporadic encounters with undead (bonus trivia: used to work on Forsaken in beta) ►Abolish Disease – not really a necessary upgrade to Cure Disease ►Shadow Protection – roughly 15% Shadow damage reduction at learn level, can sometimes be useful ►Fade – can be somewhat useful when you fail to tag the target yet get aggro D tier:Prayer of Healing – PoH? more like PoS, who needs an expensive high HPS group heal while leveling ►Shackle Undead R2, R3 – superfluous Racial abilities and talents are much cheaper and shouldn’t pose a challenge to afford.