Druid – General Information from Class Discord

What’s the fastest spec for leveling?

The fastest leveling spec is feral. In feral you can solo the fastest and will be able to easily tank dungeons with feral gear. Feral gear is either similar to a rogue (agi/stam) or a warrior (str/stam). While leveling, collect gear when you can that is good for healing, and even if you aren’t specced in it you can heal if necessary as well. Here’s an example build to level 40 that would be useful for leveling: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0Zxogscbdt)

What forms can druids turn into in vanilla and when?

Bear – Level 10 (quest from trainer)
Aquatic – Level 16 (quest from trainer)
Cat – Level 20
Travel – Level 30
Moonkin – Level 40 (with talents)

What roles can a druid play?

Druids have the widest range of abilities of any class. We truly are the Jack of all Trades. Depending on the build, you can be:
Healer, Caster DPS, Tank and Melee DPS, Tank
I’ve heard that for raiding druids are only healers. Is this true? I want to be a moonkin, or feral.
Vanilla is a lot more punishing to weird specs, compared to other expansions. So start off understanding that if you want to raid and you don’t want to heal it will be an uphill battle to find and keep a spot in a raid group. If raiding isn’t important to you then go and be the spec you want! 5, 10, and 20 mans can easily be accomplished in PUGs and people may wonder but you will be able to find a spot. At worst start your own group.
Druids are good because of the flexibility and utility they can provide. So to be an effective druid, especially in an unusual spec you must be comfortable with handling multiple roles. For example if you want to do feral dps then you will need to learn and be able to tank. If you only want to do dps then you are trying to do a rogue’s job with less dps and ability. A rogue can’t tank and fury warriors in tank gear aren’t as strong as a feral either, so learn to dps and tank, and yes even heal. Some guilds might be concerned to recruit a feral so start off healing, show you can fall back on that if they need you for it and when they see you are capable then show them you can do dps and tanking too.
Moonkins are something that are possibly worth raiding with after ZG has come out. Until then there is not enough spell hit in the game and raiding with the spec is very inefficient. Moonkins can do very decent dps but the length of the fight can have an impact on their effectiveness. The better a guild is, the more useful a moonkin can be.
Regardless of what spec you are going to go for, if you try for one that is unusual you will constantly need to prove your value with where you are. Expect that you will need to be putting in 100% effort. You will need to know your class, understand optimal gear, spend the time to get it, and generally run raids with more consumables than your average raider to keep up. If you aren’t willing to put in the effort then your results will be lackluster and you will continue to perpetuate the stigma that druids can’t dps or tank.

General Stat Values

Intellect: 1 Int = 15 mana | 60 Int = 1% Spell Crit
Spirit: Mana Regen = 15 + (Spi/5)
Stamina: 1 Stam = 10 HP

Hit Chance: Need up to 9% to be hit capped
Attack Power: 14 AP = 1 DPS
Strength: 1 Str = 2 AP | With Heart of the Wild, 1 Str = 2.4 AP
Agility: 1 Agi = 1 AP | 20 Agi = 1% Crit | 20 Agi = 1% Dodge
Stamina: 1 Stam = 10 HP

Armor: 5.06*Base Armor (with 5/5 Thick Hide)
Hit Chance: Need up to 9% to be hit capped
Attack Power: 14 AP = 1 DPS
Strength: 1 Str = 2 AP
Agility: 20 Agi = 1% Crit | 20 Agi = 1% Dodge | Agility does not give AP
Stamina: 1 Stam = 10 HP | With Heart of the Wild, 1 Stam = 12 HP

Gear and Theorycrafting

Taladrils List of Druid Gear: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wGBasFY8fFGpBtiD1TAUBB99wxboCSVh5MW_6b_z0oU/pubhtml
Druids‘ Stats: https://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=16254


I found a really high dps weapon. That’ll make me do a lot more dps as feral right?

No. When you are in a form, weapons are stat sticks. DPS is not calcluated from the weapon at all. Also chance on hit from the weapon or from weapon enchants will never proc. However, on use weapons will function correctly. Weapons for feral should only be chosen based on what stats are on the weapon itself.

What are good talent builds for different specs?

Resto Talent Builds

Swiftmend Spec: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0p0bGZZxEcoeqVo
This build is a full resto build that focuses on getting swiftmend at the bottom of the talent tree. It is a solid all-purpose healing build.

Moonglow Spec: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0x0xcMxsZZxtckxq
This spec focuses on Nature’s Grace and Moonglow in balance and pairing it with the basic healing talents in resto to provide an extremely efficient Healing Touch based build. This build was classically used in late raiding. It is useful with more crit, though finding crit on healing gear is a bit rare.

Regrowth Spec: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0zLxf0xoZZxecocaV
This spec is newer and was generated by the private server community. It is based off of spamming a low rank of Regrowth. Due to its faster cast time it is the most useful for topping healing charts, however the spell is far more expensive and very mana inefficient and the consensus was still out if this spec is viable at all for AQ or Naxx content, where encounters can be far longer than MC or BWL. Additionally expect to be going through a lot more mana pots and innervates to be able to not run out of mana compared to the other two builds.

Feral Talent Builds

Pure DPS with Powershifting and Offtank ability: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0zLVhoZx0gsfbdtV
This build would be generally what a feral dps would choose. Depending on gear and needs you would choose Feral Aggression or Thick Hide but the build would allow you to do dps and with a switch of gear be able to tank most anything. The talents Natural Shapeshifter and Furor are critical for powershifting.

Pure Tanking: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0zLV0oZxxxscMdtV0b
This build would be best if you want to be fully optimized as a bear tank. There are a couple of critical talents that are missing for good cat dps – you could dps but your numbers will be hurting, though solo grinding would be very easy.

Hybrid Tanking and Healing: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0ZxhxscMdxVvc0co
This is a very interesting build because most people wouldn’t think that you could be a tank and a healer at the same time. But actually you can with this build. The reason is that for better or worse, there’s not a lot of strong talents in the restoration tree. Remember the moonglow spec? we put 20 points into that just to get two talents that we cared about. Generally the same thing is happening here. As a healer you will be spamming Healing Touch and Rejuvinations. As a tank you have virtally all important talents to be as strong as you need to. You could choose Nature’s Swiftness or Leader of the Pack for your last point, depending on your wants.

Moonkin: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0x0xIMEstZxxc
This is what you would need to try to play the moonkin and do as much caster dps as you can as a druid.

PvP Talent Builds

Flag carrier and all around PvP: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0p00hZxGzoZVE0oeq0o
This build gives you all the tricks for maximum survival, especially for flag carrying. It is generally considered the all around best PvP build. It also functions very well in dungeons and raiding as a healer, though it misses a few key talents that a pure healing spec has.

Feral focused PvP: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0zZxTMsf0dLVEooco
This build sacrifices some healing and utility to be able to get more feral talents and give you the ability to use Faerie Fire while feral.

Balance focused PvP: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0t0xhMxsLxG0oZVV0o
This is still a flexible PvP build, however focusing most on casting damage ability.

Hybrid PvP: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#0t0LhMmZxG0oZVEooco
This build has a little bit of everything, allowing you to do well while casting, feral, and healing.