Hello and welcome to Vanilla-Info!

There are so many guides, spreadsheets, googledocs, forums, flowcharts, redditposts, discords etc. out there for Classic (“Vanilla”) World of Warcraft, all scattered across the web, partly lost, abandoned… It’s kinda hard to get a good overview of them. Vanilla-Info’s aim is to gather them all in one place in an (kinda) organized and clean manner. This place should function as a one-stop-link-shop for everything Classic WoW.

Keep in mind that some information could be outdated, based on the wrong patch or simply is complete trash. I can only provide the information, judging it, however, is your job. So please, use your brain and take everything linked here with a hefty grain of salt.

I try to keep everything up to date, but if you feel like something is missing, something needs to be put on this site, you hate me- just mail: input@vanilla-info.com!

Overall, I hope Vanilla-Info can help you – and if you happen to like the mostly ad-free site, feel free to leave some Gold.

EDIT 16.08.2019: I got a big pile of updates implemented and cleaned up the site a lot. Launch is imminent and I’ll monitor everything closely and will keep the site as up-to-date as possible! πŸ™‚

DISCLAIMER: The author of this site is in no way responsible for the content of the linked pages nor does he claim the intellectual property of these.